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Kwazii Cat is a member of the Octonauts. His occupation is Lieutenant of the Octonauts, a Pirate, and a Cryptozoologist. He's a reckless daredevil cat and has a heart for adventuring.

His favorite Gup, is the Gup-B


  • Gup B ready to go!
  • Hah >:D
  • "Well, I'll be a sea monkey's uncle!"
  • "cocoppa play!"
  • "Yeow!"
  • battle cats ... !"
  • "Blubbering Blowfish!"
  • "Back in me pirate days, ya-har!"
  • "That was close!"
  • "Yarr! 'Tis a rough one, mateys!"
  • "There be nothing like an ocean storm to make a pirate feel alive, ha-har!"
  • "By me whiskers!"
  • "Just drop ancor right there!"
  • "What in the seven seas?!"
  • "A pirate never leaves his crew behind!"
  • "Tweak, open the (Octohatch)!" (Octonauts and the Giant Siphonophore, Kwazii in a hurry not to lose sight of the Siphonophore)
  • "The Ouchopod?" (Octonauts and The Manatees)
  • "Shiver me Whiskers and all me other parts too..." (Octonauts and The Emperor Penguins)
  • "I seem to be bumpin' into a lot of penguins today." (Octonauts and The Emperor Penguins)
  • "I knew that"
  • "Aye captain"
  • "Hold on, Me Hearty!" (Octonauts and the Trigger Fish)
  • "The Siphonophore! Hey! I finally said it.


  • Is name could be a reference to the word "Kawaii"
    • It could additionally be a reference to Tinchy Stryder's real name (Kwasi Danquah)
  • The notch in his right ear is a reference to Zira from The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, as both have the notch on the same ear.